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Director / Actor / Coach

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Commercial Voice Over ReelJonna Kae Volz
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Acting Reels

Actng Reels

Directed by Jonna Volz

Dirctor Portfolio

When I was asked to direct PARADISO, I was inspired. This story provokes an important conversation. I feel like, as Americans, we see abundance and waste all around us. The gap between wealth and poverty is growing. As a society, I believe it is our responsibility to take a harder look at what’s really happening below the surface. We must seek to understand. We need to be more careful with those who are in a fragile, economic situation. We can do better. LEARN MORE

THE LAND OF MILK AND HONEY came about in 2020 as a project I developed with 4 of my acting students. I co-produced and directed this project, working with some of the best talent in Springfield, MO. The actors and crew worked hard to make this film something we are very proud of. Take a look and the trailer and some behind the scenes footage of what it took to make this film happen in the middle of a Global Pandemic.


Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery
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